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2024 Season opener

2024 Season opener

Posted by Kurt Bantle on Mar 24th 2024

March madness, it's not just about college basketball.

March 14th, 50mph winds. March 15th, an unplanned inch of rain, a leaking trailer (farm home). March 16th, more rain... That's March madness for us, right as we are approaching the 2024 harvest. The fruit started reaching maturity in January. The cooler temperatures have made us want to leave the fruit hang just a litter longer this year for proper oil development. Then the winds come...

Navigating the Storm: Severe Winds and Avocado missiles. 

San Diego, renowned for its temperate climate and picturesque landscapes, is also home to a thriving avocado industry. However, the region's idyllic setting occasionally faces the wrath of Mother Nature in the form of severe winds, posing significant challenges for us avocado growers. 

The Avocado's Vulnerability

Avocado trees, with their sprawling canopies and shallow root systems, are particularly susceptible to damage from high winds. In San Diego, where coastal breezes are common and occasional Santa Ana winds bring gusts of considerable force, avocado orchards are constantly at the mercy of these atmospheric disturbances.

During periods of severe wind, avocado trees are vulnerable to various forms of damage. Strong gusts can break branches, uproot young trees, topple our mature trees and launch green missiles at us in the form of flying fruit.


The relentless buffeting can cause abrasions on leaves and fruit, compromising the overall health and marketability of the crop.

In the wake of a severe windstorm that wreaked havoc on our farm, we try to turn the negative into a positive. 

The Windstorm's Impact

Last week, our farm endured a powerful windstorm, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Mature trees stood battered and bruised, their branches stripped bare, and the ground littered with fallen fruit. For avocado growers, the aftermath of such a storm is not merely a setback in terms of lost revenue but also a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of farming.

Amidst the devastation we try to find hope in salvaging what we can from the wind-battered orchards. Knowing that much of the damaged fruit remained perfectly edible despite its cosmetic imperfections, we aren't allowed to sell it. So we try to find a way to ensure that it would not go to waste.

We reach out to the local food banks to explore the possibility of donating the wind-damaged avocados to help feed those facing food insecurity in our community. So we do our best to rescue the fruit and distribute it to those in need.

Harvesting fallen fruit is more challenging than picking from the trees. Armed with baskets and crates, we work to collect the fallen fruit, sorting through the debris with care and determination. What started as a daunting task soon transformed into a labor of love, fueled by the knowledge that each avocado rescued would make a difference in someone's life.

The wind-damaged avocados are transported to the local food bank, where they will be sorted, cleaned, and prepared for distribution. We hope they will find their way into the hands of families, seniors, and individuals facing hunger in our community. From soup kitchens to food pantries, the rescued fruit will bring nourishment, comfort, and joy to those who needed it most.

The fruit for sale on our site is only our premium quality fruit. We appreciate the support of local farming and look forward to seeing you this year.